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Sunblaster Horticultural Lighting

1020 Double Thick Seedling Tray

S.B. Heavy-Duty 1020 Propagation Trays are twice the thickness of standard 1020 trays, making them rugged and long-lasting.

1020 NanoDome with vents

S.B 1020 NanoDome from SunBlaster incorporates grooves that hold in place all T5HO lamps with NanoTech T5 Reflectors.

1020 Quad Thick Seedling Tray

S.B. Quad Thick Propagation Trays are built tough. Four times the thickness of regular 1020 propagation trays, same dimensions.

SunBlaster CFL Green

SunBlaster CFL 13W Green allows indoor growers to see during the night cycle without interrupting the day/night cycle of a plant.

SunBlaster Grow Light Garden

The SB Grow Light Garden stretches the growing season, making it ideal for cloning, growing early seedlings, even small plants.

SunBlaster T5 HO Fixture

SunBlaster T5 High Output Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures are ideal for providing supplemental overhead and side lighting.

T5HO Mini Greenhouse Kit