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Blossom Blood

Blossom Blood is a very unusual product that expands the actual flower, “fluffs” up yields and allows the drying process to take place faster.

Blumat Digital Moisture Meter

At the touch of a button, the Blumat Digital Moisture Meter shows you precisely how thristy your plants really are.

Liquid Black Crystal

Liquid Black Crystal assists in increasing the ion exchange across the root membrane, improving the plants ability to absorb nutrients.

Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold will increase a plants cell metabolic rate which translates into better growth.

Tropf Blumat Dripline

Carry water from your 8mm (¼-inch) tubing down to your drippers using Tropf Blumat 3mm (1/16-inch) Drip Tubing.

Tropf Blumat Elbow Connector

The Tropf Blumat Elbow Connector allows you to create ninety degree tubing turns without worrying about kinks in the tubing.

Tropf Blumat End Piece

The Tropf Blumat End Cap is used to terminate any 1/4-inch (8mm) tubing run.

Tropf Blumat Feedline

Tropf Blumat 8mm (5/16inch) Feedline Tubing will allow you to water any part of your greenhouse or garden.

Tropf Blumat Garden Drippers

Tropf Blumat Garden Drippers are used for watering larger areas using only one Tropf-Blumat.

Tropf Blumat Grommet

The Tropf Blumat 8mm Grommet works with 8mm feedline and secures a water tight seal for water tanks.

Tropf Blumat Junior

Blumat Junior for House Plants automatically waters individual houseplants with a container of water placed nearby.

Tropf Blumat Maxi

The Tropf-Blumat Maxi is a sensor that supplies plants with drips of water via thin tubing for larger containers.

Tropf Blumat Mini Branch Drip Tube

The Tropf Blumat Mini Branch & Drip Tube

Tropf Blumat Original

The Tropf-Blumat Original is a sensor that supplies plants with drips of water via thin tubing.

Tropf Blumat Patio Kit

The Tropf-Blumat Watering System uses ceramic technology to automatically water your plants without the need for electricity.

Tropf Blumat Pressure Reducer

The Troph Blumat Pressure Reducer is permanently set to reduce the pressure of normal water pipes to properly operate Troph Blumat.

Tropf Blumat Shut-Off Valve

Use the ¼-inch Tropf Blumate Shut-Off Valve to isolate areas of your drip tubing runs.

Tropf Blumat Straight Connector

This sturdy black plastic connector enables the connection of two separate pieces of ¼-inch Tropf Blumat tubing.

Tropf Blumat Support Stake

Hold your tubing securely in place using these handy Tropf Blumat ¼-inch Support Stakes.

Tropf Blumat Tank Connector

To easily connect any water tank to your Tropf Blumat Kit, use the Tropf Blumat Tank Connector.

Tropf Blumat Tee / End Line Connectors

This kit includes a Tropf Blumat Tee Connector and an End-Line Connector to terminate a tubing run with a Tropf Blumat sensor.

Tropf Blumat Tee Connector

The Tropf Blumat Replacement Tee.

Veg Booster

Veg-Booster enables young cuttings or seedlings to better expand branches allowing for further growth in the later flowering stages.