UltraGrow T5 Fluorescent 4 Lamp Fixture

by UltraGROW

5021 - 2-Foot 4-Tube

5022 - 4-Foot 4-Tube

UltraGrow T5 Fluorescent Fixtures use a high efficiency, digital electronic ballast to power high output T5 fluorescent lamps. UltraGrow T5 Fluorescent Fixtures feature a sleek, low profile in a neutral black color that makes this fixture fit with any decor. These fixtures produce a minimal amount of heat allowing the fixture to be placed close to the tops of plants. Dual on/off switches allow each two-tube half of the fixture to be operated independently. Fully UL Listed with a generous grounded 15-foot long power cord make UltraGrow T5 Fluorescent Fixtures tops in their class. 54 watt 4 foot tubes included.