TrimBuddy Model TB5.1



The TrimBuddy™ model Tb5 is an advanced design that offers full programmable control over drum rotation speeds and run time .

Drum speed and performance is monitored and controlled by smart electronics to provide power and speed when needed.

For safety, electronics detect  stalled and run-away motor operation.  This feature ensures that you get a consistent operation while protecting the blade and motor from damage.

The combination of a stainless steel drum and heavy duty Delrin™ trimming blade provide clean, efficient, and quiet operation.  The unique blade is ultra low friction to reduce heat, noise, and wear.

Technology for the trimming blade sports a unique honeycomb configuration (patents pending) that provides clean trimming and high durability.  We dub this, “Piranha blade” swift, silent, and sharp.

An automatic blade tension system provides consistent tension and reduces blade wear with shock-absorber action. Our approach also reduces chances of blade damage due to twig, stem, or debris jams.

Three levels of chamber illumination and a break resistant  polycarbonate  drum lid provide clear visibility for crop inspection during operation.

TrimBuddy™ tilts for easy loading and unloading.

Folding legs reduce the size of the unit that stores in a 27 gallon plastic tote for transport and storage.

A large easy to install and remove stainless steel catch tray mounts  under the drum chamber close to the  blade for fast cycling.

RotoClean™ Specifications:

 Average operating noise at medium speed / empty chamber: 65db @ 10 feet.