Precipitator 360 Sprayer

by Spraytools LLC

8700 - 8 Ounce Bottle
UPC: 891262001153


8701 - 16 Ounce Bottle
UPC: 891262001252


8702 - 24 Ounce Bottle
UPC: 891262001351


8703 - 32 Ounce
UPC: 891262001450


The Precipitator 360 degree sprayer is equipped with a nozzle that rotates a full 360 degrees and holds that position to spray in any direction.

By simply turning the nozzle, you eliminate the need to tilt the bottle which improves efficiency, eliminates trigger failure and saves on product! So go ahead... now you can spray up, down, left, right, under or over effortlessly, making it much easier to cover all parts of the plant when misting, foliar feeding or spraying for insects. Available with bottle sizes including 8, 16, 24 and 32 ounce capacities.