FHD Ton O Bud Liquid

by Future Harvest Development

2338 - 4 Liter
UPC: 692236032674


2336 - 500 ML
UPC: 692236032704


2337 - Liter
UPC: 692236032711


2339 - 10 Liter
UPC: 692236032667


2340 - 20 Liter
UPC: 692236032650


FHD Ton O Bud 0-10-6 is a late flowering additive that is ideal for both soil and soilless growing media. Known and recognized throughout the indoor gardening world, the name says it all!

This specially formulated liquid concentrate contains high levels of both phosphorus and potassium! Ton O Bud speeds up the development of flower bud set, increasing quality, and providing a heavy fruit load. Ton O Bud forces abundent flowering and helps facilitate ripening in many annual plants.

Plantlife Ton O Bud mixes quickly and easily, and is compatible with all quality brand name nutrients. Available in both liquid concentrate and dry mix.