FHD The Hammer Liquid

by Future Harvest Development

2351 - Liter
UPC: 692236034043


2350 - 500 ML
UPC: 692236034036


FHD The Hammer 10-25-15 is a formulated additive that allows a grower to control a plants vertical growth. By doing so, the plant will redirect its energy focus to lateral growth.

Specially developed to give plants sturdy, lush, compact lateral growth with strong stems and increased internodal development. The Hammer will also produce larger, heartier flowers and form numerous tight, heavy clusters. Growers who use The Hammer can expect larger, heavier yields with faster trimming times.

The key benefits of The Hammer include:

The Hammer mixes quickly and easily, and is compatible with all quality brand name nutrients. Available in both liquid concentrate and dry mix.