FHD Prop-O-Gator

by Future Harvest Development

2239 - 500 ML
UPC: 692236031929


2240 - Liter
UPC: 692236031936


2241 - 4 Liter
UPC: 692236031943


2242 - 10 Liter
UPC: 692236031967


FHD Prop-O-Gator is a root growth enhancer featuring a combination of nutrients and organic matter formulated to accelerate plant growth.

FHD Prop–O-Gator has been used for years to promote faster growth of root hairs and feeder roots. Prop–O-Gator will increase the survival rate of newly rooted seedlings and clones. A larger volume of root hairs and feeder roots enables the plant to gather greater quantities of nutrients and water which in turn will promote stronger and accelerated growth.

Prop-O-Gator increases root mass, producing thicker, greener, and healthier foliage, while strengthening root structure and producing more new root growth on stressed out plants. It also decreases the internodal length between branches and increases the survival rate of newly rooted seedlings and plant clones.