FHD Bucket Basket

by Future Harvest Development

4319 - 6 inches
UPC: 718122809301


4318 - 8 inches
UPC: 718122809301


4320 - 10 inches
UPC: 718122809400


The FHD Bucket Basket 10-Inch is a sturdy growing basket designed to hold plants securely in a grow bucket ranging from 2.5 gallons (10L) up to 5 gallons (20L). The 10-Inch (25cm) FHD Bucket Basket fits a short or tall grow bucket and has a larger mesh for increased drainage. This size is not only ideal for large aquatic plants and orchids over 3 feet tall, it is a favorite among growers for larger fruiting crops such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

The 10-Inch basket dimensions are: Top (inner lip to inner lip) = 10 inches/25 cm. Bottom (outer edge to outer edge) = 8.4 inches/21 cm. Each basket weighs 8.5 ounces (236 grams).