Trellis Netting

by American Netting

4700 - 6.5' x 8'
UPC: 059129001009


4701 - 6.5' X 12'
UPC: 059129001016


4702 - 6.5' X 20'
UPC: 059129001023


4703 - 6.5' X 50'
UPC: 059129001030


4704 - 6.5' X 328'
UPC: 059129000392


Trellis Netting, also known as Pea Netting or Bean Netting, is a great way to increase crop yields. It is a clear, extruded polypropylene mesh with openings of 6 inches by 7 inches, allowing for easy access during harvesting. This netting is designed to provide both vertical and horizontal support, rated at 28 lbs per strand. UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants have been added to prevent degradation, giving this product a life expectancy averaging 5+ years.

Using Trellis Netting can increase yields by up to double. It does this by allowing for more sunlight and air exposure, while decreasing ground rot and pest damage. Our product is designed to limit tangling, making it simple to put up, take down, reuse or store. With its ability to support heavy crop loads, and manufactured from soft, non-burning material, Trellis Netting is designed to accommodate all kinds of plant life.