Super Nutrients SVA

by AB Fertilizer, Inc.

2000 - Quart

3.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $12.95

2001 - Gallon

11.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $36.95

2002 - 2.5 Gallon

25.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $88.95

2003 - 5 Gallon

60.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $160.95

Super Nutrients have everything a plant needs for all stages of development. SVA and SVB is a two-part liquid vegetative fertilizer designed to promote maximum plant growth. SBA and SBB is a concentrated two-part liquid bloom fertilizer to stimulate maximum flowering and fruiting.

SVA and SVB, when used together, are designed to promote maximum plant growth and are pH balanced to work with virtually any growing media. With its ease-of-use and dramatic results, gardeners across America and Canada agree on its quality and reliability. Super Nutrients are equally effective in both traditional or hydroponic gardening applications. 

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