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X Nutrients Bloom Spray

by X Nutrients

2710CL - 1 quart
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MSRP $15.95

2711CL - 1 gallon
UPC: 609722311212
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MSRP $40.95

2712 - 2.5 gallon
UPC: 609722311236
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2713 - 5 gallon
UPC: 610074506119
45.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $149.95

The flowering or fruit stage of a plant is the most satisfying. This is the time when all the hard work starts to pay-off. Along with changing a plants environment, you should change its nutrients.

X Nutrients Bloom Spray is specifically designed for the flowering and fruit stage. Its unique combination of fertilizer and trace elements help provide the exact nutrient levels a plant needs to transform itself when producing flowers and fruit. Bloom Spray is a power packed concentrated spray that is applied to the leaves during flowering or fruit stages. The added trace elements maximize flower or fruit size. Bloom spray can be used for both soil and hydroponic systems at the same time as other nutrients. Within weeks you will see explosive flowering, fruit density and higher yields.

General Usage:
Hydroponics or Soil/Coco/Other medium - 15 mL per liter of water to make a spray. Spray leaves on top and bottom twice a week.

Specific Usage:
Hydroponics or Soil/Coco/Other medium - Refer to the feeding schedule for week by week amounts to use.

Refer to feeding schedules for amounts and usage.