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FHD Jungle Green Dry

by Future Harvest Development

2301CL - 2.5 kilogram

0.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $60.95

2302CL - 10 kilogram
UPC: 692236000833
23.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $188.95

2300CL - 500 gram
UPC: 692236001229
1.3 lbs. shipping

MSRP $22.95

FHD Jungle Green is a one part nutrient for use during the vegetative cycle until you are ready to kick into your bloom cycle. With a 17-15-17 NPK, Jungle Green has the added advantage that it dissolves easily in cold water!

Great for use on all of your house plants with no additional nutrient supplements necessary! Perfect vegetable growth fertilizer to get the plant size and fruit set you desire. If you are growing a non-fruiting plant, Jungle Green is the only fertilizer you will ever need!