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Tropf Blumat 3M Patio Kit

by Rambridge Wholesale Supply

4344 - 12 Sensors
UPC: 9002683030009
2.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $72.95

The Tropf-Blumat Watering System is a fully automated plant watering system that uses ceramic technology to automatically water your plants without the need for electricity. Safe, simple, and reliable. The Tropf-Blumat Water Sensor routinely senses the water requirements of your plants and waters only as they need it. By self-adjusting due to weather changes, Tropf-Blumats keep plants perfectly watered. Easy to install, they are reliable and operate for years.

  • 12 Tropf-Blumats Water Sensors
  • 7 meters (23 feet) of hose
  • 1 tee, 1 elbow, 1 hose coupler, 1 hose end-piece
  • 1 rain barrel/gravity tank connector
  • Instructions for installation

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