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UltraGrow Super Large AC Reflector

by UltraGROW

5008 - 6 inches 35 X 26 7/8 X 8 1/2

35.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $199.95

5009 - 8 Inches 39 1/4 X 31 1/2 X 11

42.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $209.95

The UltraGrow Super Large Air Cooled 8-Inch Reflector is one of the largest air-coolable reflectors available. The UltraGrow Super Large AC 8-Inch has an extremely large reflector area for wide light dispersion and comes with built-in 8-inch diameter cooling flanges for super efficient, straight-through cooling capabilities. With a powder coated aluminum housing, the UltraGrow also includes a built in 5KV socket and 15 foot universal cord set so no wiring is required. A tempered glass lens is standard to reduce dust and increase cooling efficiency. The reflective insert is high efficiency 95% reflective textured German aluminum for excellent light distribution without hot spots.

  • Product Code: UG-R/SLH/8
  • Product dimension: 39¼ X 31½ X 11 Inches
  • Gross weight: 42 lbs
  • Built-in socket with 15’ ballast cord
  • Tempered glass – easy to clean
  • Powder coated aluminum housing
  • Hangers included