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ThermoFlo Black White Poly

by Thermoflo Technologies Ltd.

7802CL - 10 X 50 foot

15.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $42.95

7800CL - 10 X 100 foot

28.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $83.95

ThermoFlo Black & White measures 10 feet wide by 100 feet long and is a two-sided, 6 mil thick film that is used for reflecting light and separating growth chambers or rooms. With dozens of practical uses, we've seen it used on table surfaces to promote the white reflective sheen upwards into the lower leaves of plants, as well as for constructing makeshift walls to hold light out.

  • Thick 6mm poly sheeting
  • Reflects 90% of light back to crops on the white side
  • Black side absorbs light
  • Can be used to partition areas and waterproof
  • Available in 10 X 50FT and 10 X 100FT rolls
Potential Applications
  • Dust barrier to protect walls, carpets, furniture, equipment and other
    clean surfaces
  • Exterior scaffold cover
  • Room separator/divider
  • Concrete curing cover
  • Covering for large materials outside for weather protection
  • Instant all purpose cover
  • Interior moisture barrier/insulator for unprotected windows
  • Painting drop cloth: use to cover carpets and floors
  • Waterproof exterior storage cover
  • Camping/tent cover
  • Sun shield - reflects heat (white side)
  • Landscape/nursery ground cover for level beds to prevent weeds
  • Cover beneath decks, patios and walkways to prevent weed growth
  • Greenhouse lighting aid: reflects 90% of light on the white side
  • Frost prevention on plants
  • Greenhouse winterizing cover