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1020 Double Thick Seedling Tray

by Sunblaster Horticultural Lighting

1315 - 10 X 20 inch Double Thick
UPC: 692236142205
1.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $2.95

1315H - 10 X 20 inch w/holes Double Thick

1.0 lbs. shipping

MSRP $2.95

FHD HD 1020 Propagation Trays where the HD stands for “Heavy Duty”. These traditional 1020 sized thermoformed trays are twice the thickness of the standard 1020 tray, making them truly rugged and long lasting. Gone are the days when you had to stack two standard 1020 trays together for stability. These HD 1020 trays are ideal for commercial greenhouse application and the indoor gardening enthusiast. FHD HD 1020 trays are compatible with all your standard 1020 tray accessories, including cell and plug inserts.

Image shows FHD HD 1020 Propagation Tray with optional FHD 1020 Tall Humidity Dome, sold separately.